I am stephen dossett, welcome to my Portfolio i'm here for all your design needs. why not take a look around my site.


This is what I do

  • Online design

    I have a great level of experience in the arena of Online design, whether it be Websites, landing pages, E-shots or micro sites. I have worked on both corporate and the creative side of the industry, so whatever your needs may be I have the skills to create the materials to support you business needs.

  • print design

    Print design is a larger part of my everyday life may it be, corporate branding, logo design, brochures, exhibition design, corporate collateral, photo retouching or photo manipulation. I have a wealth of experience in all these areas and many more. So you can be rest assured i will be able to fulfill your needs.

  • 3d modeling

    3D design has always been a passion of mine from university since then I have, won numerous competitions and had my work featured in "3D artist" 3 times. I am trained in both 3DS Max and cinema 4D. I am able to create prototypes, product visualizations, architectural visualizations and models for computer games.

  • video & sfx

    Video FX is my latest passion I am using my 3D skills combined with video to create work that really comes to life. To do this I use Cinema 4D to create models, then After Effects to improve and add effects. This work is perfect for Corporate videos, product videos, TV indents, TV adverts and much more.


How I do it


First step is to take a clear and detailed brief so I can deliver on the client’s needs. As the saying goes measure twice cut once, then on to designing.


Once I have a clear direction of a projects scope. It is time to start designing and only then. This means I will create what the client needs to the best of my ability.


Once I am finished with a project, time permitting I like to come back the next day to make sure the design serves the client’s needs and make changes where needed.


Only when I am completely confident the project is 100% ready will I show it to the client. This approach mean 9/10 time I have a happy client.


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  • I am hard working
  • I am Creative
  • I am Driven
  • I am a team player
  • I am Focused

About me

stephen Dossett

Over the last 8 years I have worked in the design industry with many different people and companies on various projects and as a result I have gained a great deal of unique and strong experiences in design. Some of the most important lessons I have learned would have to be the use of time management and to always back up. You never know what might happen!

I love design of any kind it is my life, it is all around and constantly evolving. I make sure I keep up with the latest trend and keep my skills up to date. When I am not designing or out socializing you will find me at the rock climbing wall. It is a good way of keeping fit and very enjoyable.  It provides a constant challenge to keep pushing myself .

I love Design

I love design of any kind it is my life, it is all around and constantly evolving. I make sure I keep up will the latest trend and keep my skills upto date, it is great to do something you love.

I'm a big music fan

Design and music go hand in hand I have always loved listening to music it inspires and keeps me going. I listen to most kinds, Classical, hip hop, metal, pop, D&B, easy listening and much more.

I love good food

I love to experiment with new foods, I aways like to try new dishes where ever possible. I cook all meals from scratch just like design but in a different medium.

I love Rock Climbing

When I am not designing or out socializing you will find me at the rock climbing wall. It is a good way of keeping fit and very enjoyable it provides a constant challenge to keep pushing my self .


My work experiences


Brand Manager/Graphic Designer, Redwood Software

  • Responsible for design direction from concept to completion, design standards and representation of the corporate brand across all marketing and communications.
  • Creation of corporate marketing materials: including: brochures, books, exhibitions and event design, client facing presentations, corporate and regional websites, e-Marketing deliverables, data sheets, white papers and customer stories.
  • Rebranded the all company assets to bring it up to date, and establish a new level of brand continuity which was lacking beforehand.
  • Redesigned the company website from the ground up improving quality and ease of use and function.


Digital Designer (Contract), Zone Design Agency

  • Photo retouching and product mock ups, for clients such as Carlsberg, visualizing drinks packs for presentations, also product replacement for PepsiCo (Tropical) to save reshooting images.
  • Designing web banners for Bayer "Be lung worm aware" campaign for promotion, as well as creating facebook and twitter profiles to build up awareness.  
  • Creating 3D visuals using Photoshop for Cadburys of how products could look before deciding if to pursue a concept further.
  • Designing and creating websites for "Be lung worm aware" campaign from concept to finish, managing freelance web coder for the more complex aspects of the project.


Online and Multimedia Designer, Snell

  • Organising, producing and editing photo and video shoots for Marketing & other departments. Designing banners, certificates, icons, case studies, UI redesign, brochures, exhibition graphics, creating technical diagrams with design flare and PowerPoint presentations for senior management.
  • Creating 3D models of products or marketing material such as the Kahuna mixing deck. Photo-retouching images for product range changes, editing product to show desired features, turning products into different versions that have yet to be built, i.e. are still at design stage.
  • Creating graphics and videos for use in television broadcast, lower thirds, screen wipes, channel bugs.

2008 - 2009

Online Marketing Designer , Dreams

  • Designing in-store banners for new promotions using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop for web banners, Reviewing every product image on the site and making changes to enhance their impact. Carrying out photo-retouching on images for Dreams leaflets, website and  brochures
  • Redesigning a new look and feel of the web site to present a more modern image and bring in line with competitors. Designing new web pages, “Dreams jobs”,  “Product pages” “Bed delivery page”
  • Creating 3D models using 3DS Max to enhance boring technical drawings previously used
  • Stephen delivered everything promised and more, highly recommend

    — Sam Davies, Founder SitStay

  • Top quality results very happy, would definitely use again

    — Liz Thornton, Owner A1 Animals


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